They never studied in school.

She bought a toy for the kid.

I'm going to optimize... you.

A Sioux gave that old trapper a golden nugget.

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Whose turn is it to make the coffee?

I got up at 8 o'clock today.

It's not a convenient time to speak about that, is it?


Duncan had his leg bandaged by Meehan.

We disputed the victory to the end.

How did you know I was with Ethan?

Joanne told me he was planning to go to college in Boston.

Tandy asked me to help find Romain.

Suresh told me someone was trying to kill him.

A cloud passed across the moon.

I need to meet more Peruvian friends.

She pretended to be a student.

You're the one with the Ph.D.

I know that life is short.


Martin took one of the fish.

Put that back.

The singer was killed by wild coyotes.


And now I have observed that some felt upleasantly toward me for this reason too.

I may actually have to go.

A fart is the tortured scream of a trapped turd.

Let's have a look.

That soil is rich in humus.

Several roads are closed.

The Government should not keep information confidential merely because public officials might be embarrassed by disclosure, because errors and failures might be revealed, or because of speculative or abstract fears.


Your time will come soon.

I rarely go to the mall, but I went yesterday.

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

Trying seemed pleasantly surprised.

You salted the meat.

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She strongly resembles her grandmother.

I think you're a little confused.

He can speak ten languages.

While I was talking over the telephone she came to see me.

Sergei is considering taking a coaching job.


What Piotr did is illegal.

Sanity can't make it to the meeting.

Families want to educate their children and can, in principle, defray the costs with the greater incomes that education generates.

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Let's try to stop that from happening.

I'm really looking forward to going to the beach with Lou.

I won't let you speak to me that way.

Do you think we convinced her?

I have to give Rahul a chance.

Sidney seemed pleasantly surprised.

Let's get down to business.

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Kevyn filed for divorce.

He slept under a tree.

I need that.

Tricia comes here once in a while.

How fast does he run?

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He's got a headache.

You may spend this money freely.

Who are your most interesting friends?


Miriam and I share a room.

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I'm surprised to hear you say that.

Judge said you were there.

He went round the corner at top speed.


Who asked for your opinion anyway?

Don't attach it to your head.

I won't try to persuade her.

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They had holes in them when I got them.

Thank you for coming today.

I told Marvin I was married.


I don't have a girlfriend anymore.

I'll let you in on a little secret.

Let me try something.


I'm very sorry, but we can't let you out.

I don't think I can apply for a job anywhere. I'm too old.

This is the biggest book I've ever seen.


I thought we came in here to eat.

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My house is on the skirts of the town.


John's face was drawn.

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Shall we begin now?


Try to have an open mind.

She ran to the station for fear that she would miss the train.

Where did you get this money?

Why is this song so sad?

He was looked up to as their leader.


I swung my leg over the fence.

Two crows are flying in the sky.

Where's your school?

To put it all together, you will have to dedicate twelve hours per week to your training.

Renu doesn't want to read that book.


I want this work finished by five.

The relationships of socialisers are often reflected in the distance between them.

We're looking for Lord.

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Gill felt like a new man.

I haven't eaten anything in the past three days.

His jumbo jet ought to have arrived in Osaka now.

To the public, he was a hero.

It's easier to make plans than to realise them.

Brandon promised Jess that he'd always be faithful to her.

You'll be safe here with Dawson.

I love the food here.

I like spring better than fall.

It was hard for Cristi to get his homework done on time.

Everything will be alright.

Rosemary's Baby is a film by Roman Polanski.

I chose last time. You choose this time.

Dave paused to let it sink in.

I'll see you at six-thirty.

He begged for his life.

Ethan's favorite sport is baseball.

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It's a form of rebellion.


When one of my coworkers starts racking up good sales figures I can't let down my guard.

They like to compare their country to the Roman Empire. However, the Romans wouldn't have been able to conquer the whole world, let alone destroy it. But those people are in the process of doing it.

We don't work for Mick.

I think that what she says isn't true.

I'm far from happy about this situation.

After 6 p.m. the employees began to disappear.

I don't even know what's happening to me anymore.

The money was not honestly come by.

Kees was a fanatic.

Were you about to say something?

We're waiting for a tow truck.

Who have you helped lately?

Follow your instincts.

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Guess what? Darci and Sridharan broke up.


Which car is your father's?

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Haven't you lost some weight? Are you eating properly?


She looks bored.


My shoes are bigger than yours.

The lawyer's fee was very high.

We ate sandwiches, cake and so on.


He was predicted a bright future.

Would you like to join us for a game of cards?

It just seems stupid.

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Don't let them down now.

Where were you 3 years ago?

Please refrain from smoking cigarettes here.


It's not as if just anybody can write a literary gem.

It was in this box.

I wonder if Carol could do that.

Beware of the gorilla.

Nici was excited.

This isn't a trap.

I don't know what the future will bring.

I find it very easy to see through a person's true nature.

Let somebody else hire her.

Did that happen here?

I've just arrived and I don't know anyone.


An infrared ray is electromagnetic radiation.

This is the car that Linda was talking about yesterday.

Is that your package?


It won't be easy persuading Jerome to go.

In a characteristically awkward move, Regis patted his guest on the arm.

I will pay you the money tomorrow.

I don't know which button to push.

This really isn't a good time.

Stephen said we should be patient.

Let's watch that again.

Bear: "It is a happy meeting, dear Leo, for I have not seen you in six whole months."

You asked for my advice, so I'm giving it to you.

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The squirrel died instantly.

Amanda doesn't have to eat it if he doesn't want to.

As a father he must pay for his daughter's education.

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Right now I am writing a letter to my Chinese professor, but in English.

We'll all go to Boston next weekend.

I knew them.